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Michael Maier & Lars-Kristopher Kunkel


5973 Panama, Carlos A. Guerra, Ambar Carrasco & Gabriel Frauca | 9217 Panama, Aneyris Martinez & Ana Laura Samaniego | 3422 Alemania, Jenny Fuhrmann & Tino Kelling | 5616 Panama, Daniela Manfredi, Ana Sofia Barrios, Romulo Jordan & Gloris Cedeño | 5052 Panama, María Monteverde, Laura Cruz & Samuel Quintero | 7076 Panama, Niurkys Chen & Arianis Martínez


What is the size of the proposal?
There is no defined maximum footage for the installation. However, its scale must allow for the recursion of rethought materials and meet the budget of $3,000.00 allocated for its construction.
Does the facility have to follow the site regulations?
The competition does not take into account site regulations (zoning, setbacks, etc.). Considering that it is a temporary facility, it must use methods and materiality that comply with its short time of use.
 Where should the installation be located?
The specific location of the installation is a free decision for contestants, who must choose the best spot within the designated perimeter outlined in orange on the Masterplan (Page 16 of the Brief), which gives purpose and reason to their project.
What kind of activities will be taking place throughout the competition?
At Transversal Installation Competition, both virtual and in-person activities have been planned, featuring both national and international speakers to enhance the development of proposals and participants' knowledge. You can check the schedule of activities in the brief! We will also keep you updated on weekly activities on our Instagram @nacompetitions.
Can I change teams after registering for the competition?
If you need to add or remove a team member, please send an email to, with the details of the situation and the team code, the NAC team will take care of the situation and update the team data, if you wish to add a team member, please note that the team should not exceed four people.
Where can I find all the information about the Transversal Installation Competition (TIC)?
To access all the information about (TIC), download the files located in this right-hand section (Brief, Photos, CAD). All the information you will find below this section pertains to the Art Temporary Installation Competition (ATIC).


A look to the past and a step forward

Our new competition will take place in one of the most important, iconic, and memorable places in our country: Panama La Vieja

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Art Temporary Installation Competition


Silent witness to the strength of our history and culture

“Panama La Vieja” was founded by Pedro Arias Davila on the day of Our Lady of the Assumption on August 15, 1519. Its foundation replaced Santa María la Antigua del Darién, as the capital of Castilla del Oro in 1520.

This was the place where the expeditions that conquered the Inca empire of Peru departed and was one of the most important trade routes for the American continent through which most of the gold and silver extracted from the mines exploited by the Spanish passed. By 1541, the city had 4,000 inhabitants, including Indians, African slaves, and Spanish. One of the most shocking events was the invasion and looting of the pirate Henry Morgan on January 28, 1671. This event forced the Spanish themselves, guided by Governor Juan Pérez Guzmán, to ignite the explosive depots to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. This tragic fire left the city in ruins making it what we know today.

In short, the historical monument of Panama la Vieja is an archaeological site within the modern city that attracts the attention of tourists and residents to know its history thanks to its imposing ruins and the contrast with the modernity that surrounds it. In 2005, UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site and part of Panama's historic district.

what’s an

How to create a brief but meaningful work?

Beyond the permanent, there’s ephemeral architecture: the creation of architecture in a transitory form, which is present for a short time. In the Art Temporary Installation Competition (ATIC), the challenge is to design a temporary installation dedicated to art within the archaeological site of Panama La Vieja. The competition involves the question of how to create a temporary architecture that coexists and relates to the existing ruins while respecting their identity and historic value.

ATIC emphasizes that architecture does not have to be permanent to have a high value; this competition seeks to recall the heritage value of a country by connecting its past with its present through culture and art.

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10 Honorable Mentions
20 Finalists

Early Bird Registration

May 08 - June 05 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

$30 / team

Regular Registration

Jun 05 - July 03 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

$50 / team

Final Registration

July 03 - August 04 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

$75 / team


August 07 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

Jury Meet

September 30

Winners Announcement

October 9

the jurors

Regina de Hoyos
Laura Salvador & Francisco Parada
P+S Estudio de Arquitectura
Manuel Bouzas
Daniel Y. Torquemada
David Tapia & Carlos Gabela
Felix Dúran
A3 Arquitectos
Ginnette Gotti
Dos G Arquitectos
Rosadalys Pérez
LOOK´s winner


We elevate the potential of architectural design in Panama and the region

NewArchCompetitions (NAC) is an organization of architectural competitions that aims to encourage art, innovation, and creativity in students and young architects.

NAC seeks to transform the architectural language of Panama through competitions that broaden the thinking of participants.

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