Terms &

a. Participants must accept the rules, terms, and conditions of the contest.
b. Participants must comply with the schedule and registration times.
c. The competition is open to architecture students and young architects.
d. The competition is open internationally.
e. Participants must submit material in English.
f. Participants may compete as individuals or in teams of up to 4 people.
g. Participants must be under 35 years of age. 
h. Proposals that contain names or references to their authors will be excluded from the competition since the registration code is the valid reference for the jury to visualize the proposal.
i. The entry code must be located in the upper right-hand corner of the presentation sheet.
j. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.
k. No submissions or material related to the competition will be disseminated before the results of the competition are known, therefore, the participant will be disqualified.
l. Any participant who contacts one or more of the jurors will be disqualified, along with his/her team.
m. The competition is a utopian project that will not necessarily comply with urban and construction regulation laws.
n.  NewArch Competitions has no relationship with the land ownership where the competition is proposed to be held.
o. Under no circumstances will the participation of any member of the jury, organizer, or any person in a professional relationship of dependence with any of the above be accepted.
p. The team code given in the registration process allows only one proposal per team or individual.
q. Any team that does not follow the above rules will be excluded from the competition.

2.0 NAC will provide all necessary information such as photos, videos, plans, etc. However, participants may also generate their graphic documents in support of using material from sources other than NAC, being exempt from any liability for infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights to which these materials may be subject.

3.0 With the results obtained from the competition, NAC will have the authorization to share or present the results for exhibition, reproduction, and publication in printed and digital editions, always considering the object of the competition regarding the author/s. In addition, the authors will retain all rights to the proposals for any other purpose. 
3a. NAC shall have the right to make any changes to the rules of the competition: (date of registration or delivery, calendar, deadlines, etc.) as long as these changes benefit the participants. Any changes will be notified on NAC's networks and platforms.
3b. NAC may modify the graphic level for the sole purpose of media publication and without modifying or changing the integrity of the proposal. 
3c. NAC is not responsible for any errors during the registration process or any false information provided.
3d. NAC is not responsible for any complication or technical failure online during the contest. It is advisable to check any registration or submission in advance of the dates on the calendar.
3e. NAC is not responsible for the submission of each team. Contestants must submit entries at their responsibility. Entries must be unique and original to the authors and governed by intellectual property rights.

4.0 Any individual or group participant may be excluded if the following circumstances are present:
4a. Submission containing name or reference of authors, only the submission with its code number in the upper right corner of the laminate will be considered. 
4b. Proposal that contains texts that are not written in English. 
4c. Submission files with names that do not comply with the stipulations in the ''Material'' chapter. 
4d. Incomplete submittals not following the stipulations in the ''Material'' chapter.
4e. Participants older than 35 years of age. 
4f. Participant who has a continuous family or work relationship with one or more members of the jury.
4j. A participant who contacts or attempts to contact one or more members of the jury.
4h. An entrant who releases a proposal or files relating to the submission in this competition before the jury's verdict is given. He/she will be excluded from the competition. 
4i. Participant who is not the author of the submitted work will be excluded from the presentation.